Hearing Care and Insurance

Hearing care coverage varies not only by state and provider, but each policy differs in what is included. You can, in fact, work for the same company as someone else with the same insurance provider and have different coverage. That’s why the team at Mass Audiology works with many different insurance providers, which helps us to discover what your individual policy covers.

Certain states mandate that insurance providers include hearing care, in some cases, only for children.

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Do you have Medicare?

Many seniors rely on Medicare for their primary coverage, but have private secondary coverage to handle items that are not covered. Regular Medicare does not cover hearing aids, but your secondary insurance may.

We know that insurance is confusing and we are happy to work with you to address your current policies and go through new policies if you change providers. Please do not hesitate to call us at (855) 569-7486 to discuss your coverage.

Financing Available

To learn more about covering the costs of hearing care, including CareCredit financing, please contact us.

Special Offers

To help overcome the costs associated with hearing care and treatment, Mass Audiology runs periodic special offers.

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