Treating Hearing Loss

You have options, so do not ignore trouble with your hearing.

Although hearing loss can be life-changing, Mass Audiology has treatment options for you. Depending on your type of hearing loss, the severity of your needs and your individual preferences, we can design solutions that suit you. If you are very active and enjoy exercise, work in a noisy environment or spend time outdoors, we will help you discover ways to overcome any hearing obstacle.

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Treatment starts with a conversation with our professionals

Before we can discuss treatment options, our hearing healthcare professionals will assess your hearing*. We will likely ask you:

Just for you: personal fittings tailored to your ears

A hearing aid is both an advanced piece of technology and a very personal device. For optimal results, our hearing experts fit and calibrate your aids specifically to your needs. Our team will ensure that your hearing aids deliver the full benefit they are capable of.

We take a number of factors into account when we advise on hearing aid solutions:

Experience stress-free hearing assessments

At Mass Audiology, you will experience a relaxed atmosphere as we assess your hearing. The entire visit often takes less time than getting your eyes checked, and is much less invasive than a visit to the dentist. After your first appointment, you will learn there is nothing to fear – the process is completely pain-free. We can determine your degree of hearing loss, which type it is and identify areas of weakness and options for treatment.

Keep in mind: we welcome your friends

Please feel free to bring a family member or a friend with you to the assessment. In fact, we encourage it. Often, the assessment includes listening to a voice you are familiar with.

Get ongoing aftercare

Our expert services do not stop when you receive your hearing aids. To ensure you continue to receive the maximum possible benefit from your hearing aids for years to come, we offer ongoing aftercare, including periodically readjusting your devices and reassessing your hearing.

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