Preventing Hearing Loss

New Healthy Habits? There Is Still Time.

At Mass Audiology, we hope you will learn to value and protect your hearing. It is easy to take our senses for granted – until you get a cold and cannot taste or smell. Or until you lose your hearing and feel insecure at social events or in the workplace. If only you had turned down your music when your parents told you to! Or worn earplugs when mowing the lawn or at a rock concert. Even if your hearing is diminished, it is not too late to start good habits.

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You can prevent hearing loss through some common sense suggestions

First – of course – the louder the noise is and the longer you expose yourself to it, the more likely it will damage your hearing. You cannot undo damage that took place in the past, but moving forward you can take precautions:

Note – explosions not only are dangerously loud, they also create pressure waves that can cause physical damage to the ear, especially the eardrum .

How loud is too loud?

Although most people do not go around measuring decibels to check for danger, sounds above 85 decibels – which is approximately equivalent to sounds created by a garbage disposal or a diesel truck –are dangerous to your hearing. If you have concerns about your environment, you can download a decibel meter app on your smartphone. We also advise that if you are subjected to noise in your environment, you give yourself “sound breaks,” where you retreat to somewhere quiet to let your ears rest.

What can you do?

In addition to taking precautions (like turning down the volume and using ear protection), you may wish to have a hearing assessment* to see if your ears show any damage. Call Mass Audiology today at (855) 569-7486 to meet with us, or book online.

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