Causes of Hearing Loss

Invest in Your Well-Being

Hearing well is great for your well-being and untreated hearing loss has consequences. Regardless of the cause of hearing loss, taking action quickly can improve your quality of life. Treatment will help you regain sharpness, confidence and control. On the other hand, putting off getting help may impact many aspects of your life.

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Avoid loneliness, depression and dementia by addressing hearing loss

In addition to these challenges, scientists have found many negative consequences of hearing loss. People with untreated hearing loss have higher unemployment rates, compared to the general population. But with treatment, you can improve relationships with your loved ones, take an active part in the workplace and be confident that you are not “missing anything.” Once you get used to them, you will find wearing hearing aids is as easy and comfortable as wearing glasses.

Improve social relationships and mental acuity

Your mental sharpness suffers when you cannot follow conversations around you. Your brain needs activity to activate aural stimulation. Over time, hearing loss can reduce the brain’s ability to process sound and recognize speech. Just like many other parts of the body, the brain needs stimuli to keep in practice. Research shows that difficulties with memory is linked to hearing loss.

You can prevent mental decline!

Do what you can to reduce your chances of developing dementia. Research consistently demonstrates the considerable effects of hearing loss on social, psychological and cognitive performance. There are many causes of dementia but addressing deficiencies in your hearing is one of the few ways you can reduce your risk.

Engage instead of withdraw

Talking with friends or colleagues should be fun, not taxing. When you struggle to hear, it is harder to communicate, which often leads to social isolation. Hearing well makes it easier to communicate with friends, loved ones and colleagues. It also ensures that you have the ability to engage fully in the community.

Have concerns related to your hearing?

Beyond the patient, hearing loss can impact family members, friends and colleagues. Seek our help if you have these concerns:

  • Do you not know where sounds are coming from?
  • Do you feel alone in social situations?
  • Are you having problems remembering what people have said?
  • Do you have problems following conversations in gatherings with several people?

Hearing care experts are ready to advise you

If you could not see well, you would see the optician. If you had a toothache, you would visit the dentist. Unfortunately some people avoid addressing hearing loss. At Mass Audiology, we are ready to help you. Call (855) 569-7486 to get started.

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