Binaural Hearing

When Your Brain Plays Favorites

If you ever enjoyed music in surround sound, then you can appreciate the importance of bilateral hearing (or hearing on both sides). That’s why, in most cases – even when there is only relatively mild need – hearing loss responds best to two aids. Most often, patients experience loss in both ears, because even if one ear hears better than the other, the brain learns to favor it. This may provide the illusion that the dominant ear hears better than it does. Using devices in both ears stimulates the brain and helps overcome one ear’s dominance.

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When two is better than one: binaural’s benefits

The vast majority of people have weakness in both ears, which is prevalent in sensorineural hearing loss. Wearing two hearing aids, sometimes called binaural fit, helps the brain interpret sound and collect the correct information. Having two aids improves:

Binaural means clearer, not necessarily louder

The brain uses stimuli from both ears to compare and contrast the loudness, pitch and timing of sounds. If you have untreated hearing loss, you are missing out on informative and enjoyable sounds.

Make the right choice for your brain

Binaural hearing aids may or may not be right for you. Only after a professional assessment* can we advise you on your best course of action. Call Mass Audiology at (855) 569-7486 to learn more or make an appointment. Our team looks forward to helping you achieve hearing health.

Why use hearing aids?

Using two hearing aids improves brain function by increasing stimulation to the temporal lobe. This helps with auditory processing and improves communication. If not treated, studies show that hearing loss can have serious consequences, including dementia, depression and social isolation.

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