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At Mass Audiology, we understand that you have options for how you purchase hearing aids. When you trust your ears to our team, you receive outstanding service from knowledgeable personnel. Our team provides a complete assessment*, expert fitting and comprehensive follow-up care. Our professionals are not happy until you are pleased with your hearing.

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Cutting-edge technology tucked in or behind your ear

ITC means in-the-canal, BTE is behind-the-ear. But what does that mean for you? Do you want a hearing aid so well hidden that only you know it is there? Or is a subtle but stylish aid that picks up 360 degrees of sound a better match? Let us walk you through a broad spectrum of choices, so you can make an informed decision.

Device Options

Because your lifestyle matters

Whether you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast or a bookworm; whether you work in a quiet office or on a loud sales floor; whether you play in a hard-rock cover band or prefer spending your Saturday nights at the symphony, your individual needs are the most important factor in choosing between hearing aids. Let us start with a conversation to learn about your hearing needs, and match those to your lifestyle.

The Right Solutions

Exclusive discounts for our clients

Do not wait! Mass Audiology is constantly offering specials to help you find your ideal hearing device and and stay within your budget. These specials can be time-sensitive, so be sure to check back periodically. We understand that the cost for a new hearing aid may be a concern, and we are happy to offer extra incentives for you.

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Accessories & Batteries

More than just an amplifier, these hearing aids are mini-computers for your ears. Find out what other gadgets, apps and options go with them. And always remember to stay alert to your battery options!

Extras and Apps


Having troubles with your hearing aids? We can help get you back on the path to hearing with these tips and troubleshooting.

Dos and Don'ts

Affordability is important

Hearing well is an investment in your health and safety. High-tech, high-quality hearing aids are not free. Learn ways to make our “minicomputers for your ears” more affordable through insurance, financing and other means. We want you to know that you are selecting a premier product at a fair price.

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